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mini-movies in icon form

mini-movies in icons
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This is a community set up for displaying animated icons. You can make whatever kind of icons you'd like, as long as they have some kind of animation in them. Colorful, black and white, real life, cartoon...experiment! However, if you post icons on this website, please be sure to let everyone know if they are for viewing or taking. If they are for taking, please say what kind of notification you'd like for the icons(comment, credit). New icons will be posted AT LEAST everyday by me, unless I like, go out of town or die or something.

Please keep all icons at a wonderful PG rating. This means no nudity or swearing. Why? Because some people don't like that, and this is a community for everyone.

Any more than 3 icons, please make a lj-cut. You may post 3 previews if you'd like. No more though please, some people still use dial-up. :)

Maybe once things start to get populated, we'll have a couple of contests. Until then, please feel free to look around and show off your own work too. Thanks!